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Potato-Apple Latke Shortcut

Potato-Apple Latke Shortcut

I literally live for Shabbat and sometimes find myself thinking about what I’m going to cook for Friday night on Tuesday (and even some Mondays!). But on the weeks when I’m teaching at BU until Friday afternoon, I find that sometimes I really have to improvise (and let myself off the hook for a change) and find little shortcuts to create the kind of meal I know my family likes on Shabbat. Any my family (especially my youngest son and husband) love latkes. I mean love them. But when I’m fighting Boston traffic on a Friday afternoon and I’ve got dinner to make (usually  roast chicken or flanken) and a million other things to get that perfect Shabbat meal going, grating potatoes and onions is just about the last thing I want to do on top of everything else. So this is where I cheat with my Apple Potato Latke shortcut.

I admit it: I sometimes use the packaged latke mix. Go ahead: sue me, judge me, shoot me, stand me up before the culinary police, whatever. I don’t use it for the holidays and G-d knows, I’ve made so many scratch latkes in my day, I can’t keep count, but if I have to give something up on Shabbat and it’s a choice between baking dessert (which I typically do) such as flourless chocolate cookies or making latkes from scratch, we’ll, I’m sorry, Mr. Latke, you lose. This time.

This is one time where I can tell you, a little improvisation is a good thing. I use a box of Kosher packaged potato pancake mix and two shredded Granny Smith apples (in the food processor) and the results are excellent. To be honest, the first time I made them this way, I was a little insulted that my youngest son Morgan (who is quite the foodie at the age of 11), didn’t recognize the difference between my homemade latkes and the latke imposters. Then I thought better of it and kept my mouth shut. After all, if he doesn’t realize that mom colors her hair, why should I blow the latke whistle on myself?


Plus, I’ve got enough guilt in my life already–I’m certainly not going to heap on anymore when these results are so good. Try this for yourself and see. Shabbat Shalom!

Prep Time: 15 minutes

Cook Time: 30 minutes

Servings: 10-12 latkes

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  • Jodi Luber