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Passover Seder Menu (Fish)


My in-laws host a Seder like no one else. If there were Red Carpet Seders, there’s would be the Oscar’s of such a thing. They are truly extraordinary events, with numerous, beautifully set round tables, gorgeous linens and china, Seder plates for each table, decanters of wine, personalized Haggadahs for everyone, toy plagues and finger puppets for the kids, printed speaking parts for everyone, trays and trays of incredible food, glistening crystal and brightly-hued glasses, and a million details that make each table feel like a small community within the Seder.

My father-in-law, who became a rabbi later in life, leads the family through the Seder and the Four Questions, with each family member reading something, with special attention paid to the children (11 grandchildren in all), with the older kids reading in English and a little Hebrew. And then there’s the food. My mother-in-law always allows family members to bring a dish or two, so we all feel included in the preparation. Some of the recipes below are family recipes, others are from cherished friends. All of them are just delicious.

For the Table:

Seder Plate


Matzoh and Wine


Platter of Hard-Boiled Eggs and Salt Water




First Course:

Chicken Soup with Potato Matzoh Balls for Passover

Passover Potato Matzo Balls

Honey Mustard Glazed Fish – (Healthy Option)


Delectable Sides:

Rhea’s Tzimmes


Mom’s Potato Kugel

potato kugel2

Decadent Desserts:

Passover Sponge Cake


Passover Brownies


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  • Jodi Luber